The Many Millions of Plastic Surgery

Posted by admin | August 7th, 2012

There are so many reasons why people choose to get involved in plastic surgery, but there have long been reasons why people chose not to, also. So the reason that so many people are suddenly alright with plastic surgery, after years of opposition, is because as the procedures become more socially acceptable, they are forced to either accept everyone who engages in it, or remain judgmental on the issue. Plastic surgery has become incredibly socially acceptable–to the point where coverage of plastic surgery in the news media is pretty positive. Indeed, every single year several million people in the United States decide to have a plastic surgery procedure done.


These millions of people are in families full of millions of other people, are friends with millions of others, go to work with millions of others–etc. This means that virtually everyone has a friend, family member, or work-mate who has had plastic surgery work done at some point, whether it was liposuction, rhinoplasty, or breast augmentation surgeries. It is much harder to be judgmental about plastic surgery if you actually know someone who has chosen to do it and heard their reasons.

Giving the Good Reasons

Their reasons, by the way, are very often pretty good. Very few people just say, “I want to look prettier!” Instead, they often reference their self-esteem, their self-image, the way that they fit their clothes, and their belief that plastic surgery might help their career. In most cases, only they can truly know their motivations, but it’s worth taking them at their word rather than trying to divine their reasoning. Remember also that although the myth about plastic surgery is that it is not the safest, this is exactly what most people think it is–a myth. It is an overplayed storyline that is popular in the media and popular with readers or watchers, but the statistics don’t bear out the idea that it is a dangerous industry.

Great Sources of Information

If you want to find a great source of information about plastic surgery and which surgeons to use, then plastic surgeon reviews are what you want to see. Plastic surgeon reviews are not to be taken as a gospel, of course, but they are extremely helpful for any individual who wants to have plastic surgery done. Anyone who is having trouble picking out a plastic surgeon, needs to do the necessary research and discover who it is that the plastic surgeon reviews speak positively about.

Resources for Interested Would-Be Patients

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The Plastic Surgeons You Want

Posted by admin | August 6th, 2012

There is nothing about plastic surgery that should be taken lightly. All joking aside, plastic surgery is a very serious situation. Usually it is undertaken because the individual has either been disfigured or because they feel that the work that they want done could improve both their physical appearance and their self-esteem. This might not seem like a big deal to those who don’t want to have plastic surgery work done. But to those who do want plastic surgery work done for self-esteem issues, it is often a daily problem that they are unable to forget. Self-esteem issues can have effects on a person’s daily mood and on their long-term happiness.

Serious, Not Dangerous

Plastic surgery is a serious thing, but that does not mean that it is dangerous. While plastic surgery has attained a reputation for being unsafe for an elective surgery, it is actually quite the opposite. Very few incidents occur during the course of plastic surgery work which actually effect the health of the patient. Rather, plastic surgery has received this reputation because of many urban myths and legends surrounding an industry that for years was culturally taboo. Once the industry became more commercially successful, there has never really been any doubt about the patient’s safety. Any plastic surgeon that did not maintain the health and safety of their patients would a.) go out of business, b.) have their medical license revoked, and c.) not be able to be accredited by any of the plastic surgery-specific professional organizations. That’s a lot of damage done because a plastic surgeon can’t effectively do his job. But the truth is that it isn’t a big issue–there are very few health or safety concerns when it comes to plastic surgery.

The Cost Myth

This are many myths about plastic surgery, plastic surgeons, and the various procedures. However, there is no bigger myth surrounding the industry than this: plastic surgery is always expensive or plastic surgery is only for the wealthy. This is simply not true. Plastic surgery, like most other markets, is set up at different income levels. Certainly there are some plastic surgeons whom only the richest of the rich could afford. However, there are also plenty of high quality plastic surgeons, in Cincinnati and every other city, who are still affordable for the average person.

Finding the Prices

Plastic surgeon reviews can help someone to find out the prices, or at least a vague idea of the prices, charged by various practices. There are so many plastic surgeon reviews out there, that any reader should be able to find out some useful information by reading them.


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Finding the Right Reviews

Posted by admin | July 24th, 2012

Finding Reviews for Plastic Surgery

There are many ways to try to find out information about a plastic surgeon and find a “review” as it were. A review is anything that gives information about a product or service to the reader. In this case we are referring to reviews of plastic surgery services provided by particular doctors. Plastic surgeon reviews are important, but not exactly easy to find all the time. Most people do not bother with them, preferring instead to just go to the plastic surgery practice that is nearest to them. This is a basic instinct towards convenience, and it is not without reason. However, it ignores all of the factors involved in choosing a good plastic surgeon in favor of picking the shortest driving distance. This is not safe, nor is it the way to find the best or most affordable plastic surgeon.

Turning to Friends or Family For Help With Plastic Surgery

Other individuals will turn to the people they know for help. They will ask their cousins, their friends, their sister, or their neighbor–where did you have your plastic surgery done? As long as the person in question was not mortally maimed, they will answer that they were happy with the surgeon and the new patient risks receiving lower quality services for a higher price. Cousins, friends, and neighbors should be trusted, but their information should definitely be verified at all times when it comes to plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery is Not Makeup

Remember that plastic surgery is not a type of makeup. It is a highly specialized form of medical care that often involves anesthesia and surgical procedures–you want to be sure that your plastic surgeon is very experienced and safe. However, everyone wants to balance quality with cost when it comes to plastic surgery. There is no one out there who wants to pay as much as possible in order to ensure quality. Rather, everyone has to make judgment calls regarding where the intersection of quality and cost is for them.

Evaluating the Available Information: Online Reviews

Looking at plastic surgeon reviews online is a good way to evaluate the available information concerning a plastic surgeon. This does not mean that every single review is worth taking seriously, because there are outliers of course, but online reviews often act as a good aggregater of information and experiences that other former clients or patients have to offer.Plastic surgeon reviews are still worth taking a look at, though.

Links for Any Readers Who Want to Know More

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Socially Acceptable, Popular, and Productive

Posted by admin | July 19th, 2012

There are many reasons why plastic surgery is becoming more popular. Foremost amongst those reasons is that people simply do not judge others for getting plastic surgery anymore. It is no longer used as a catty insult to pick on beautiful women or a joke about a girl’s nose, it is an industry which has thrived by providing services that people really want, while eschewing the odd, dangerous, or over-indulgent. There were once people who wanted to have plastic surgery procedures done, but refused because they did not want to face ridicule or have people find out–societal pressures were quite negative. These days, this is certainly not the case.

Short Answer

Plastic surgery has become more socially acceptable because more people have found that, in fact, it is usually not abused and is not dangerous. These are common myths which get far too much attention. Thankfully, more and more people are realizing how great plastic surgery really is. The biggest question involved is who should a person use as their personal plastic surgeon. It is very much a field where you want to only get involved with the most experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable professionals. How does one find out what plastic surgeon they should get the work done by? Short answer: plastic surgeon reviews.

The Long Answer

The long answer is that one should do a good deal of work researching any plastic surgeon that you are going to work with. This is an essential truth that cannot be ignored. Plastic surgeons are, after all, highly specialized professionals who you are trusting with your looks and even your health. This means you want to be sure of the quality of this particular plastic surgeon. How do you do that? Many people will simply ask a friend for their suggestion or a family member. Others will just thumb through the phonebook for a name or to find the nearest plastic surgeon. However, this does not guarantee anything about the quality of the work done by the plastic surgeon.

More Instructive

Plastic surgeon reviews are far more instructive in this regard. Reviews are generally written by patients who can speak from experience and fellow professionals, who can offer highly specialized advice on why this or that plastic surgeon is the right one for you. Much of the information will be credible, some will not, so any reader needs to use their discernment to determine who they should have work on them. This applies equally to specialists in rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, face-lifts, and liposuction.

Resources for Interested Readers

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Doing the Right Thing: Searching for Reviews

Posted by admin | June 4th, 2012

Undergoing plastic surgery is neither easy nor simple. It requires a good deal of patience, some money, and a lot of careful studying. The patient must do their due diligence in trying to find the very best plastic surgeon they can find. Making a wise decision means doing what is in their own best interest–by finding the perfect balance between cost and quality. Or, preferably, a minimal cost and a maximum quality. The only way to find such a plastic surgeon is to rely on plastic surgeon reviews.

Finding Reviews

How does one find a plastic surgeon review? How do you know which ones to trust? How are they made? Which ones should be ignored altogether? These are the questions this blog aims to help prospective plastic surgery patients to answer. Like it or not, plastic surgery patients really should take the time to study these issues before swallowing the advise of a plastic surgeon review wholesale.

It is not just the plastic surgeon who needs to be looked into, though. Which procedure should be done, how costly should it be, how long will recovery take–these are also essential questions that need to be asked by prospective patients prior to engaging in any plastic surgery.

The Unthinkable

Many people do the unthinkable by simply opening their telephone book and dialing the first number for plastic surgeons that they find. This is not just a waste of opportunity, it is dangerously naive. This could be the most expensive plastic surgeon in town, or the least talented, or the most dangerous, etc. Many people will instead turn to their friends and family and ask for suggestions. This is a better idea, certainly, but still a skewed review. Why is it skewed? Because it represents only a few patients and operations.

Turning to Reviews

If asking friends or looking through phonebooks is not acceptable, what is? Well, there are a number of plastic surgeon reviews out there that are worth taking a look at. Plastic surgeon reviews can play an important role in helping prospective patients to pick which plastic surgeon they want to work with.

The Best

The best plastic surgeon reviews will include many of those most important details. The cost and quality are the two biggest question markets most patients will have for their plastic surgeon. Good reviews will answer whether the plastic surgeon in question is costly or cheap and answer questions concerning the low or high quality of the work the plastic surgeon has done in the past. The best reviews will include other pertinent details, like certifications and educational background.


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The Need To Find the Right Surgeon

Posted by admin | May 11th, 2012

Plastic surgeon reviews can provide potential patients with a great deal of information and guidance on who to select for a procedure. Even in minor surgeries, it is a good idea to choose a skilled provider with the experience to do a great job. Reviews provide patients with information from other patients. This hands-on experience is valuable. Making a decision based on what others experienced can help patients to feel more comfortable going under the knife.

What You Need to Know About Plastic Surgeons

Before hiring plastic surgeons for any procedure, big or small, there are many things to consider. It is important that the physician is a member of a professional surgeon’s group such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Experience in the types of procedures the patient plans to undertake is also vitally important. Choosing a specialist, for example, can ensure he or she has the skills necessary and access to the latest procedures and technology. Research is great for learning the basics, but those who want a more personal experience need to use reviews.

How Plastic Surgeon Reviews Help

Those who plan to have plastic surgery of any type expect to turn to a professional with the ability to do the best job possible. To gauge this, prospective patients should use plastic surgeon reviews to guide them in the decision process.

•Reviews shed light on the bedside manner of the surgeon. Is he or she easy to talk to and to understand? Did the surgeon explain the procedure and offer advice and guidance?

•They help to highlight a person’s overall experience. Did something go wrong or did everything go as planned? What happened when complications occurred?

•Since surgeries are a very skill-based action, prospective patients should also consider the end result previous patients experienced. Did they like what the result was? Did they need multiple trips in?

•Pain management is another factor. Many times, plastic surgeon reviews will include information about how well pain managed the person’s pain was.

•Office staff can sometimes be just as important. Is the staff organized and friendly? Is the office clean? Was the surgeon timely? Did he or she offer enough one-on-one time?

Gathering this type of information makes it clear what type of experience a prospective patient will have when he or she steps into the doctor’s office and leaves with the cosmetic treatment they decide on. Without these in-depth and personal reviews, there is no way to know what could happen.

Is He or She Right for the Specific Needs of the Patient?

In many situations, plastic surgeons are just people with a very important skill. With plastic surgeon reviews, individuals considering using those skills can better learn what to expect from the process. This can help to put fears to rest and help individuals better understand what to expect from the procedure going forward.


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Reducing Risk of Error: Reviewing Plastic Surgeons

Posted by admin | April 1st, 2012

Plastic surgery can be effective, but there are some risks involved. Plastic surgeon reviews ensures patients select skilled plastic surgeons. Every plastic surgery candidate should read plastic surgeons reviews to determine how past patients feel about each plastic surgeon’s work. Mishaps can be avoided if reviews are not favorable. Image plays a huge role in self confidence. Plastic surgery candidates should not compromise their beauty by neglecting to read reviews and by neglecting to evaluate before and after photographs of past plastic surgery recipients.

Use Plastic Surgeon Reviews to Compare Patients’ Sentiments

Reviews of plastic surgeons are great for determining how other patients feel about their surgeries. Patients may show before and after photos as evidence of the surgeon’s skill level or they may simply describe their experience. Reviews often contain information about the surgeon’s bedside manner or willingness to answer questions. After-care follow-up, consultation length and phone or email responsiveness is often rated for other plastic surgery candidates to review. Other criteria such as staff professionalism, courtesy, payment process and wait times may also be evaluated in reviews. Forums for discussion and eligible doctors are also listed for patient selection and convenience.

Use Plastic Surgeon Reviews to Compare Pricing Information

Average pricing information for procedures in general and also for specific surgeons may be listed on review sites. Review sites help patients budget for procedures and find the best surgeons offering the most affordable pricing. Candidates save time and money when patients only have to migrate to one site to find pricing information. Review sites are convenient and can help clients find information fast.

Use Plastic Surgeon Reviews to Determine if the Procedure is Worth It

Surgeon reviews will also help patients determine if a procedure is worth the effort and money. If the risks outweigh the benefits, many surgery candidates may opt for less invasive procedures. People who have received plastic surgery procedures simply go on the website to rate or describe whether the procedure was worth the effort. The rating may be a criterion in the overall rating of the surgeon’s skill level.

Determine a Plastic Surgeon’s Credentials and Certifications with Reviews

Board certifications and other credentials can verify plastic surgeons ability to perform procedures. Most board-certified surgeons are highly skilled and deliver the best results. The process is rigorous. Most patients do not want to have invasive or minimally invasive surgical procedures by surgeons who cannot verify their ability through board certifications or other credentials.

Read Plastic Surgeon Reviews Before Selecting Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgery candidates can read reviews and avoid plastic surgery mishaps by determining what others have to say about the surgeons. Reviews save time and money. Candidates reduce risks by performing adequate research prior to making a selection.


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Comparing Reviews for Plastic Surgeons

Posted by admin | March 1st, 2012

Analyzing Plastic Surgeon Reviews

The decision to have plastic surgery, either for cosmetic or medical reasons, requires careful planning to ensure successful results. Because not all plastic surgeons are qualified or licensed to treat every type of case, finding a physician with the appropriate background and experience is imperative. Some plastic surgery procedures are not covered by insurance and require a substantial financial commitment. By first evaluating a plastic surgeon’s credentials and experience and comparing similar procedures, a patient is reassured of making the best choice for their investment.

One way to help make the search process easier is by evaluating previous patient’s plastic surgeon reviews. A valid review will reveal actual procedures completed by the physician and may include approval ratings of both the doctor and the facility. This information can provide a solid foundation for forming an accurate judgment about a particular plastic surgeon.

How Patient Reviews help the Decision-Making Process

Patients who are interested in receiving plastic surgery services should first make a list of questions and concerns about their specific procedure. Issues such as recovery time, anesthesia methods, length of surgery time and expected results should be included in the list. The cost of the procedure is also a factor and should be part of the decision-making process. Patients who are well informed about their own needs and expectations have a greater chance for a successful procedure. Once the questions are clearly defined, plastic surgeon reviews can be analyzed and compared.

It is important to only consider those reviews that apply to a similar type of surgery such as a facelift, liposuction, breast augmentation or eyelid reduction. Fully certified plastic surgeons listed with the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) are typically qualified to perform all aspects of plastic surgery. Other physicians such as ophthalmologists and ear /nose/throat specialists may only be licensed for surgical procedures that involve localized anesthetics.

Finding a Reliable Local Source for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery procedures typically require several visits to the physician’s office and/or local medical center. When the facility is close to home, improved communication between the doctor and patient is possible. If the ratings from the plastic surgeon reviews are generally positive, the location of the doctor’s office and treatment center should be the next important criteria to consider. Surgeons who have an affiliation with an accredited nearby hospital may have access to emergency treatment equipment and personnel if needed.

Checking References and Verifying Reviews

Before scheduling a consultation appointment with a local doctor, the patient may request plastic surgeon reviews and references from the office. Before and after photos are also helpful when verified as actual cases completed by the surgeon. The prospective patient should question which affiliations are associated with the doctor such as the ASPS.


For information about specific plastic surgery procedures:


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Improving Your Look or Self Esteem Through Surgery

Posted by admin | February 1st, 2012

Finding The Right Plastic Surgeon

Cosmetic surgery helps people improve their self-esteem by changing the parts of their body that make them feel unattractive. These medical procedures are not just used by celebrities and vain people. Birth defects and accidents often leave attractive people with a flaw that can ruin their appearance or interfere with their health. Plastic surgeons work to improve the lives of these people by reconstructing missing facial structures or removing unnecessary fat deposits. No matter what reasons a person has for seeking plastic surgery, it is important to prepare properly for the procedure before going under the knife.

Picking The Right Plastic Surgeon

Not all plastic surgeons are equally skilled and qualified. Finding the right doctor ensures that the patient will wake up after the surgery with as little pain and damage as possible. Liposuction usually causes some amount of bruising under the skin, but a well-trained surgeon can mitigate most of it. Skilled doctors also cause minimal blood loss and make clean incisions that are no larger than necessary, speeding up the healing process. One of the best ways to find the best plastic surgeons is to read through some plastic surgeon reviews. No matter where a person finds them, plastic surgeon reviews give you real insight into the bedside manner and skill of a surgeon.

The Importance Of Reviews

When people have a particularly bad or good experience with plastic surgeons, they tend to share these experiences online. Honest and real plastic surgeon reviews provide information that is not reflected on a doctor’s resume or website. Some surgical procedures, including breast implants and liposuction, require a long period of recuperation and regular check-ups to ensure no infections are developing. Reading reviews will help a prospective patient choose a doctor that is friendly and caring to make these regular visits much more enjoyable. All people deserve a cosmetic surgeon that listens to what they have to say and treats them with care.

What To Look For

Aside from checking the user reviews of real patients, it is important to look into the background and certification of the plastic surgeons as well. Anyone that is performing any type of cosmetic surgery needs to have certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Other organizations do offer training or education, but are not allowed to certify surgeons for this field. The doctor should also have at least a few years of experience in the surgery he or she will perform. Some doctors switch to plastic surgery from general medicine, so check that they have extra training in cosmetic procedures.

Meeting The Doctor

While plastic surgeon reviews provide a glimpse into a doctor’s behavior and skills, it is equally important to meet a prospective doctor in person. If something troubling came up during a search of reviews, ask the doctor to explain the situation from their side. Some people write negative reviews when it was their own negligence or lack of communication causing the problem.


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The Whole Story on Plastic Surgeons

Posted by admin | December 31st, 2011

When choosing a plastic surgeon, there are several key factors to consider. Plastic surgeon reviews are one piece of the puzzle, but it’s also important for potential patients to research doctors and speak to current and former patients in person.

Check Their Records

One of the most important things a potential plastic surgery candidate can do is check with their state’s medical board to see what kind of record their doctor has. Most state medical boards will list things such as medical malpractice suits that were filed against doctors, as well as any disciplinary actions that were filed by the state medical board. Of course, even good doctors can have malpractice suits filed against them, but it’s important for potential patients to thoroughly vet their plastic surgeons. Multiple malpractice suits and disciplinary actions are a definite red flag.

Talk to Former and Current Patients

It’s an excellent idea for people to talk to former and current patients of the plastic surgeons they’re considering. These patients can provide good insight into their experiences with the doctor, including whether or not they were happy with how the procedure was handled and if they’re still happy with the doctor’s work. Also, for many procedures, looking at the person physically is a good indicator of whether or not the doctor did a good job. For example, someone looking for plastic surgeon reviews for a facelift would be advised to visit and speak with current and former patients of the doctor they’re considering for their facelift. The best place to talk and meet these patients is in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, where many patients who have already had their procedure are back for a follow-up appointment.

See if the Doctor is Board Certified

It’s important to check and see if a doctor is board certified. Choosing a board certified plastic surgeon ensures that the doctor has fulfilled certain requirements, including three to five years of general surgery experience, as well as two to three years of plastic surgery training. Board certified plastic surgeons also have to take written and oral exams before being board certified. Regardless of the plastic surgeon reviews, board certification is a must.

Additional Resources

American Society of Plastic Surgeons – This is a very informative site for anyone looking to find out more information on how to choose a plastic surgeon, as well as information on patient safety.

American Board of Plastic Surgery – This site is useful for checking to see if a plastic surgeon is board certified. The site also has an excellent frequently asked questions section where those looking for a plastic surgeon can get more ideas about how to choose a doctor, as well as answers about why it’s so important to choose a board certified plastic surgeon.

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